Review of Tesco’s free from Italian desert

Well I seem to be developing a sweet tooth in my old age, or as I like to call it a quest to find the perfect dairy free and lactose free treats. I’ve recently done some shopping in Tesco’s so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try a few more of their free from desserts. They are dairy, gluten and wheat free. This is definitely a desert designed for grown ups.

With each packet you get two separate deserts weighing 90g. Each dessert contains 245 calories, 18.2g of sugar, 10.1g of fat and 0.1g of salt. On opening the dessert you can see the three distinctive layers which looks very tempting and just says eat me straight away. On delving deep into the dessert the bottom layer consists of a coffee style liquid with a hint of alcoholic taste to it. Above this is a plain sponge which is light and fluffy and nicely moistened by the coffee liquid underneath. On top of this is what I would describe as a mouse style dessert. This is light and airy in texture although does lack a little in the flavour department if eaten alone. Finally on top of the dessert is a nice dusting of cocoa powder. This has a bitter taste if eating alone however, if eating with all other layers of the dessert it results in a perfect combination of flavours.
I have to confess to being surprised at how nice this dessert is. The distinctive layers work perfectly together combining together a myriad of textures and flavours. I really did love this dessert and highly recommend anybody who is either dairy, gluten or wheat free tries this dessert. Well done Tesco’s for producing such an excellent desert, top marks.

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