Review of the natural confectionary company sour squirms

I infrequently eat sweets as I do not consider myself to have a sweet tooth and often prefer to eat fruit instead. Being a dairy and lactose free it is not easy just to pop into the shop and pick up packet of sweets if you suddenly get the craving to do so as many contain dairy products. Whilst queueing for my petrol I was drawn to these sweets. So I decided to give them a try.
Four sweets contain 91 calories,18.5g of sugar and 0.08g of salt. They clearly market themselves as having no artificial colours or flavours. The squirms come in a variety of colours and have a sour flavoured sugared coating. On biting into the squirm you find a nice jellied texture. This lacks slightly in flavouring but works well with the sour sugar on the outside.
As I eat sweets infrequently I was only able to manage a few which is perhaps a good thing. I did enjoy them and would consider buying them again in the future. I think they are great idea for a treat for both children or grown ups that follow a dairy and lactose free diet.

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