Review of Rakusen’s chocolate oatie biscuits

I decided to try these as I love Rakusen’s chocolate digestives. Their appearance reminded me of the carob biscuits I used to eat as a treat as the child. Each packet weighs 200 g. 100 g of the which contains 510 calories, 28.9 g of fat and 30.6 g of sugar. Each circular biscuit has a thin layer of chocolate drizzled over the top. Underneath there is a rustic combination of oats.
On biting into the biscuit there is an nice clear crunch noted. The combination of the oats and the chocolate work well together. However I have to say that I was a little disappointed with these biscuits. I felt that the chocolate lacked in any distinct flavour and did not compare to the chocolate coating on their chocolate digestive biscuits. I found it hard to eat the oats contained within the biscuit. After eating a biscuit I felt that I had a film layer left on the roof of my mouth. Sadly I will not be buying these biscuits again and will stick to their chocolate digestive biscuits instead.

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