Review of Nature Valley cereal bars

I discovered these cereal bars a few years ago on a family trip to America. I had recently had allergy tests and was advised to avoid certain foods. As we were spending a lot of time in the theme parks my mother-in-law and myself visited a large supermarket in the hope that I could find some snacks to keep me refuelled during the day. After walking up and down several food aisles my mother-in-law found these little gems. I purchased a couple of packets to go alongside my faithful bananas and plain flavoured crisps. The cereal bars were individually wrapped in a packet of two bars making them the perfect option for me to carry around. Well, I was so excited about this find, I loved the flavour and that they filled me up until the next meal. I had found the perfect sweet treat. I went back to the supermarket to stock up and take some home. To my delight I discovered that they were available in the UK. They are now a staple in my everyday diet, in fact I eat a packet most days. I mainly eat these as a mid-morning snack to keep me refuelled until lunchtime. Or if I am out and about with either family and friends having a nice cup of tea they are always my faithful back up option.
So here is a big thank you to Nature Valley for producing a dairy free and lactose free snack bar that I can enjoy and never seem to get bored of. I would recommend anybody that follows a dairy and lactose free diet please try these little gems.

And now onto the important information. Each individually wrapped packet contains two individual serial bars. They weigh 42g and have 192 calories, 11.9g of sugar and 0.3g of fat. They are fairly hard to bite into but nice and crunchy with a fairly sweet but natural taste. They come in a variety of flavours the most recent being coconut but my favourite is still the original oats and honey.

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