Review of Waitrose bacon rashers

I am always on the lookout for flavoured crisps in the hope that maybe there is a new packet that I am able to try that fulfils my dairy free and lactose free diet. Frazzle style crisps are often not an option as the label often states contains or may contain milk. I remember getting excited in Waitrose to find that their own brand frazzle crisps did not contain any traces of milk products. So of course they went straight into my shopping basket. Each packet costs 77p. A 25 gram portion contains 125 calories, 6.5grams of fat and 0.69 grams of salt.


The crisps are a good size. They are slightly greasy to touch but that is to be expected. They also look like they contain a lot of artificial colours flavours and preservatives in appearance. 
On biting into the crisp I found it to be crunchy and only slightly greasy. There is a subtle taste of bacon flavour and then this is definitely of an artificial kind. They are very Moorish in nature and I found once I started eating them I found it hard to stop. I would definitely recommend anybody who follows the dairy and lactose free diet to try these crisps. They may look and taste slightly artificial but for the occasional treat why not. In all honesty I think I’m comparing them to the natural crisps that I often consume, so it may not be a fair. In summary well done to Waitrose for producing a frazzle crisp that is dairy and lactose free.

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