Review of Lovemore O’Chocco biscuits

I first discovered lovemore at the allergy show in London last year. This year I had hoped to stock up on their o’chocco biscuits, but sadly they had sold out. I have to confess to not trying them earlier as they were gluten and wheat free.I had read several good reviews about these biscuits both on Twitter and on blogs. As my weekly shop comes from Ocado I headed straight to the free from section to see if I could purchase some. Of course they did and straight into my shopping trolley they went.

They come in a small packet weighing 125g and cost £1.95. Each biscuits is 74 calories, has 2.9 g of fat and 3.8 g of sugar. Each biscuits consists of two small circular biscuits with cream in the centre. The biscuits have a nice Subtle but not overpowering flavour of chocolate. If you separate the biscuits you will find a good portion of white cream in the centre. I found the cream to be light and airy in texture and had a subtle flavour of vanilla noted. The combination of chocolate biscuits withthe vanilla cream in the middle worked perfectly .



If I am honest I could not tell that the biscuits were gluten and wheat free. I found it hard to stop at one biscuit. These are a real find. I highly recommend them to anyone who who follows a dairy free and lactose free diet. Yes they be a little expensive, and small but in my opinion well worth it. Well done lovemore for producing a fantastic biscuit that I can enjoy. I can honestly say that these will now become a regular feature in my weekly shop.

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