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I’m sure like many other people following a dairy free and lactose free diet it is always best to be prepared when out and about. I am well known with both friends and family for always having a packup on the go. Most of the time that is. For some unknown reason twice this week I’ve had to do without my old faithful pack up. On the first day I had simply left at the home. Where as on the second day I had ran out of food to make anything. So I thought why not share my findings with fellow bloggers and help other people find lunch suitable for their dietary needs if out and about.That’s of course if you are either dairy free and also lactose free.

On Thursday I toke a mad dash into a Waitrose on the go. I didn’t have high expectations and expected to find it difficult to find any sandwiches that would be suitable for me. I was surprised. After a quick look I was spoilt for choice I could either have the seafood,the chicken and sweetcorn or plain chicken sandwich. I opted for the latter with a packet crisp banana and Ribena. The Sandwich was good quality with nice soft fresh bread with a good amount of both chicken and mayonnaise and yeh no butter. It went nicely with my kettle chips and banana for dessert with Ribena to wash it down. All in all not bad for an emergency lunch. Would I have the sandwich again yes definitely.


As mentioned previously today is the second day in a row I have relied on a pack up from a supermarket. It is most unlike me not to be prepared. This time I had to pop into Sainsburys local. It was more difficult to find a sandwich that was suitable for my dietary needs. All I could find was a chicken and sweetcorn sandwich. Just as well I like chicken. I combined this with a packet of Waitrose ready salted crisps, melon and a cup of tea. The bread was fairly soft but slightly dry with a reasonable amount of filling which consisted of chicken and sweetcorn and mayonnaise and no butter again. Overall the sandwich was okay. I would have it again if I really had to but it definitely wouldn’t be my first choice. On a positive note the melon was lovely.


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