Review of Provamel yogurt

In the quest to find other dairy and lactose free yoghurt I have been visiting health food shops. I found a brand called provamel which I have not tried before so I thought I would give it a whirl they are both lactose and gluten free whilst being suitable for vegans. I opted for the four packet of raspberry and vanilla flavour which cost £1.78.


Each yoghurt is 125 g and has 93 calories and contains 10.8 g of sugar. The yogurts were fairly thick and creamy in texture with a small amount of fruit noted. There was a subtle taste of both raspberry and vanilla whilst not tasting either too sweet or artificial in flavour. The size of the yogurts are perfect to fit in a lunchbox. I tried mine both plain and with fresh mixed berries which made the yoghurt go further and made and nice afternoon dessert. In summary I  would buy these again if I was unable to source my usual yogurt.

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