Twitter addict

Well, I have to confess to not being the most IT literate person, I try my best. I registered with facebook several years ago, and follow my friends and family abroad and look at their updates, but very rarely post on it myself. I activated a twitter account nearly 3 years ago, I followed famous people looked at their tweets on an ad hoc basis, but never tweeted. Recently, I decided to take the plunge and get tweeting on a regular basis. I started using the search function and typed in dairy free, I was surprised at the amount of tweets related to this subject area. So I did the same for lactose free, not so many in this category. I now undertake the dairy free search on a daily basis and follow the regular tweeters. I have started to respond to other people’s tweets, and have even been brave enough asking for people’s help about following a dairy and lactose free diet. I have to confess to now being a twitter addict, I love it. I follow and communicate with fellow tweeters who have similar diet to myself. This has led me to following their blogs and eventually setting up my own blog. So in a snap shot what have I learnt from twitter, it’s great to share. If I go to a supermarket I don’t just have to go to the free from aisle, cakes, biscuits and savoury treats that I would never even considered looking at can be suitable for my dietary needs. There also lot’s of specialist foods that I have learnt about and tried. I have even found a vegan cheese, that makes fab cheese toasties, what more could a girl ask for!


As mentioned originally in this post being a twitter addict can be a good thing. I was visiting the Allergy Show in London on its last day. So on its first and second day I hit twitter and searched for #allergyshow. I read fellow tweeters reviews about the show and found out about dairy free and lactose free foods to try. To be honest this was fairly limited as I had learnt so much courtesy of twitter users in the past year. However, I did find new gluten free products for my mum to try, so that was a bonus. Twitter enabled me to be much more prepared for my visit this year. I knew which companies were exhibiting at the show and because I has become more knowledgable about free from products I planned our day. I was ready to get both the sweet and savoury treats that I had grown to love in the past year and stock up at bargain prices. Most importantly, I found out about a bakery, Ruby’s of London. My mission was to find their stand and get my hands on one of their chocolate doughnuts before they sold out.

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