World Cup England game barbecue

We have always been very lucky in the past in the fact that our friends have always put on fantastic barbecues for the England games during previous World Cups. At these events friends always try to cater for my dietary needs. They are often surprised as to which foods contain both dairy and lactose, or what this actually is. Things like burgers, flavoured chicken and bread rolls are often not an option. Despite their kind attempts to cater for my needs I always bring along my famous bag of goodies for that just in case scenario. This includes a back up sandwich, crisps, my faithful cereal bars and fruit.I have to confess to sticking to this on many occasions, the last thing I want to be is poorly and miss out on the footie. This year my other half decided to send out a last-minute email invite to friends to watch the England, Italy game at ours. Due to the late time of the game it was decided that there would be a late afternoon barbecue followed by half time pizzas as it was highly probable everyone would have the munchies by this time.

Those of you that follow me know I do my weekly shopping on Ocado, no problem I thought, I could easily top my weekly shop up to cater for 12. I found this quiet hard as I am so used to ordering products that are suitable for my dietary needs. It is not uncommon for me to forget to order cows milk an essential weekly staple. I toke my time ensuring that I had the milk, a 6 pint bottle. I thought this would go really quickly, only to find most of it not used and friends amused by the size I had got for a few cups of tea and coffee. For the main meal it was a nice joint of meat from the local butchers. This was combined with new potatoes in olive oil and a tomato, onion, cucumber and salad, all dairy and lactose free. I was at spa day, so planned to return in the evening and requested that some of the meal was saved for me. The barbecue was a hit and all the food got ate and my other half forgot to save me some, quiet ironic as it was planned around my dietary needs. I had a jacket potatoe for lunch so wasn’t that hungry, so I made a quick meal of fish fingers a childhood favourite. Next was the dessert, easy I thought trifle and cheesecake, who doesn’t like that. Then was the after dinner cheeses, I picked a few that I remembered my other half likes with crackers and that big tub of butter and onion chutney. I couldn’t get vegan cheese for me. The dessert and cheeses all disappeared, another success. I had fruit with Alpro cream, a quick simple option before the washing up started. It was general nibbles alongside party games in the build up to the game.


As we had chosen pizza for the  mid game snack, I wasn’t sure what to choose. I spotted that Waitrose had some offer so I ordered 6. But what about me ? I didn’t want to feel left out, so I ordered ingredients for a DIY dairy and lactose free ham and mushroom pizza. The pizzas went down a storm. I have to confess by being a shattered hostess by this point, so settled for a cuppa and my faithful bourbon biscuits, just enough to keep me awake for the second half. The game didn’t go in our favour, but it was great to spend it with friends.


The morning after was bacon sarnies, that was easy to order, bacon, butter (big tub of course) a couple of loaves of bread, Heinz ketchup, HP brown sauce (as both are dairy and lactose free), teabags / coffee oh and that big bottle of milk. The bacon sarnies tea and coffee were another hit. Sadly, I couldn’t have the bread as it had “may contain” milk, but I had my normal Waitrose loaf of bread to hand, so I didn’t miss out. This was followed by cupcakes that we had forgotten to offer the day before and more tea. I resorted back to my old faithful bourbons, because I couldn’t get hold of the genius cupcakes. After a nice walk to burn of the breakfast our friends left, our house felt quiet and empty. It was time for a quick tidy up before the England hockey game started. Yes, I am part of a sports mad household! We had found that we had maybe ordered a bit too much food, not to worry. You can never have too many bacon sarnies and crisps sadly these were doritos, and contained milk so no good for me. On a positive note, we forgot about the large tub of Marks and Spencer’s coleslaw, one of the last minute food additions, so I got to enjoy this with salad for the next two days, lovely.


We hope to do another barbecue again soon. It was easy to do one that suited my dietary requirements that everyone enjoyed. Sometimes simple options can be the best choice. Who knows if England do well, we may have another barbecue sooner than we thought, fingers crossed #comeonengland.

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