As a child growing up on a dairy free diet my mum tried hard to ensure that I got enough calcium in my diet. This often proved difficult as I wanted food other children were eating and the food from the health food shop was boring and dull. So my mum bought a yogurt maker to make my very own special dairy free yogurt. She tried a variety of flavours in the hope that I would enjoy them. Sadly, this proved to be difficult as the taste and texture reminded me of food that made me poorly. This wasn’t helped by the fact that nobody else in my family liked yogurt. As I grew up I would sporadically visit the health food shop and try a yogurt that was suitable for my dietary needs. Despite trying I never seemed to enjoy them, finding it hard to finish a pot. More recently being even more aware of importance of having a good calcium intake I started to order dairy free yogurt as part of my supermarket shop on a weekly basis. I am not sure if my taste buds have changed with age or if yogurt suitable for dairy free peeps have greatly improved. I now have at least 4 pots of yogurt a week.¬† Those of you that follow my blog are aware that I shop at Ocado, so this means that my staple yogurt of choice is Alpro. However, in the name of research of course I have tried a variety of brands to see what alternatives are on offer. This has meant trying to source the yogurts from health food shops and other supermarkets. To my surprise Sainsbury’s and Waitrose do not have their own brand dairy and lactose free yogurt, but nor do Ocado to be fair. However, they all sell Alpro.¬†Only Tesco’s and Asda came up trumps here. I thought I would share my opinions of the yogurts that I have tried over the next couple of weeks, so watch this space…..

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