Review of Waitrose bourbon biscuits

I have always enjoyed bourbon biscuits and have a reputation in my family for this, in fact my little nephew knows that they have been bought especially for me, don’t worry I do share them with him. It is becoming more difficult to find a bourbon biscuit that does not contain milk, or states may contain milk or may have been in contact with milk in the manufacturing process. I avoid these biscuits, it’s not worth the risk. To my delight Waitrose own brand bourbon’s are dairy and lactose free. I buy a packet of these every week, they are about 60p for a small packet. I find they have a medium crunch in texture and have a generous portion of cream sandwiched between both biscuits. I find that they dunk well in a cup of tea, or the two biscuits can be easily seperated, so that you can eat the cream by itself and then enjoy the biscuits. Alternatively you can eat them as a whole biscuit, but where as the fun there. My tip: store in a fridge, it gives the biscuits a harder crunchier texture and just seems to make them taste nicer, don’t ask me why, oh and easier to separate if you like to lick the cream off like me.



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