Review of Alpro custard

Whilst standing in a queue at the checkout in Tesco’s I noticed the lady in front of me had a good selection of free from items. Nothing unusual about this, however one item caught my eye. I politely asked the lady about a carton of Alpro custard as I had not seen this before. I was intrigued as I had previously enjoyed other Alpro desserts. It came highly recommended and I was advised that it worked better when served chilled from the fridge. I paid for my shopping and went back to buy some. I now always make sure I have a spare carton at home, for when I get a custard craving. It is thick in consistency and has a sweet flavour that doesn’t taste too artificial. It can be served hot or cold and goes well with any dessert, I like it with fresh fruit or chocolate. I manage to get 3 servings from a carton.Tip: Serve it cold from the fridge as it has a better consistency and flavour, when heated I have found it’s consistency becomes thinner and doesn’t taste as nice. I hope that Alpro will do individualĀ or smaller packs soon. In summary I think it’s a great vegan custard.



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