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I am always wary when eating out, but in the last month I have eaten out more than I would normally. Sadly, my phone has been poorly so I have no photos to include as part of my reviews but I hope that you find my opinions useful.


We had a last minute change of plans and ended up in a ‘Spoons’. I feel that they have become better for catering for customers with allergies and intolerances. The downloadable menu is clear to follow if you unable to have certain food stuffs.

The staff were polite and knowledgeable. I decided to have the gammon egg and chips with lemonade. The portions size was just right, the gammon was nice and the eggs were just perfect for dunking those chips in. The only downside was that they now have bottles of sauces. Luckily it was Heinz tomato ketchup as other brands can display warnings about containing traces of milk. Sadly, the mayonnaise was Hellman’s light; no good for people who have to follow a dairy/lactose free diet.


We popped into Chiquito as I heard that they catered well for people with food allergies/ Sadly, I forgot to do this in advance and had to wait for it to download on my phone. intolerances. On their website you can download the allergy friendly menu to prepare for your visit.

The staff were knowledgeable with regards to special diets and informed me of the possible choices I had. I checked these against the allergy menu, just in case. We opted to have just a main meal with a drink. I decided on the blackened salmon which came with skin on fries and corn on the cob. The salmon was lovely and piping hot, it comes with lots of onions and a few pieces of pepper. The fries were nice and best of all I was able to eat a piece of corn on the cobb that had been nowhere near any butter and I totally enjoyed it. My other half had a burger, which I could have. I will have to return to try one as it looked very tempting.

Vintage Inns

I fancied a Sunday lunch out and decided to try a vintage Inn. You can access the menus online in preparation for your visit, but sadly I did not find it user friendly for allergy suffers. This wasn’t really a problem. On arriving I informed the waiter that I had a dairy/lactose free diet they were very helpful and enquired with the chef what I could eat.

Starters were limited so I went for shell on prawns with fresh bread and no butter, very nice but difficult go wrong. For the main we shared the sunday roast platter. I was offered vegetarian gravy to accompany my meal, but I left this as my gut instinct said avoid it as it is often right. The selection of three meats was ok and came with pigs in blankets. I was able to have roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots as they were cooked in oil. In addition to this I had my own bowl of fresh vegetables as normally butter is added. The only part of the meal I was unable to have was the yorkshire pudding but that didn’t bother me. I was full, so didn’t have dessert and I was pleased to be able to enjoy a Sunday lunch out without feeling deprived compared to my fellow eaters.

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